Want to reach 800 to 1000 ng/dl naturally?

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From 412ng/dl To 923ng/dl In 6 Months - 100% Naturally

AndrogenHacker is a resource run by me, David Becker, that teaches natural, safe, & effective strategies to boost testosterone.

Here’s my most recent bloodwork:

Total Testosterone Of 900 ng/dl

Even though I started at ~400 ng/dl in 2018, it only took 6 months to reach my biological potential (roughly 875-925 ng/dl).

And these numbers can be maintained - for life.

The best part?

You can do it too.

Several other men have used these exact tactics to double and even triple T levels from baseline:

👉 (Example 1)
👉 (Example 2)
👉 (Example 3)

And I’m here to show you how:

A Practical Alternative To TRT

Here’s my stance:

As a medical professional & CCRN in trauma ICU, I recognize the value of conventional medicine.

And yes, I absolutely support a decision to improve quality of life through TRT.

Here’s the thing:

The benefits of TRT are well established and (unsurprisingly) mirror the benefits of having a naturally high testosterone level.

When properly prescribed, TRT is a great solution for Low T, but you have to understand that it isn’t perfect:

  • It will permanently and irreversibly shut down your body’s own ability to produce testosterone.
  • You will be dependent on it (for life)
  • It will cost you several hundred dollars per month - until the day you die.
  • Needles 💉 Lots of them.

**DISCLAIMER** As a moderator for communies like r/testosterone and ExcelMale, I’m around the TRT conversation constantly, read the research, etc. but I don’t have any direct experiance using it.

My TRT knowledge is limited, but what about natural optimization?

I can help with that. Here’s how:

About David - My Story

I’d like to take a quick minute to tell you about me and why I built this website.

Here’s a picture of my wife and I:

androgen hacker wife

You see, my story is probably similar to most guys. Early in life, I never had to think twice about my testosterone levels.

Then I got married, had a couple of kids, started working in probably one of the most stressful environments possible - trauma ICU.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30.

The stress of life hit.

  • Tired (all the time)
  • Less interested in sex.
  • Had no motivation to do the things I used to love.
  • I also became overweight for the first time. (skinny kid here)

Looking back, it’s so obvious now. Classic hypogonadism.

Things were never out of control, but my health was undeniably subpar.

I finally decided to try and figure out what was going on. A quick google search of my symptoms and the next thing I know I’m reading about testosterone.

Low T? Me?

At first, I refused to believe it. I was in denial. I shut off my computer and blocked that idea out of my head.

“Not possible”, I thought.

After several months of continuing to feel like garbage, I finally gave in and got my levels tested.

My results?

412ng/dl. *Womp womp*

I was quick to get back to the doc’s office and ask about TRT.


“Absolutely not”

Me (Silently - Because I was a spineless-beta-chump):

WTF, Why not?

Me (What I actually said):

Oh, I just thought… Um .. Nevermind… What do you think?

He ended up recommending I get on antidepressants. I respectfully declined and did a little research of my own. It didn’t take long to learn why he said no to TRT.

It turns out that 412ng/dl is perfectly ‘normal’. That’s because it falls somewhere between 230 ng/dl and 1000 ng/dl.

That range is a joke, right?

Unfortunately not. It’s a range that represents ALL men, at every age, and level of health. Your “level” on this scale is essentially meaningless.

I want you to understand that the numbers don’t matter.

What is important - quality of life.

And at the time, I didn’t have quality. I had:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • I was run down
  • And I was weak - physically, mentally, & emotionally

Said another way:

I was miserable.

… And yet, this doctor seemed to love the idea of how normal I was. He said all I needed was a little Prozac and I would be feeling just fine again in no time.

I cringed at the idea of getting on a drug like that.

What’s a brotha to do?

I Almost Gave Up

I was numb.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but in hindsight, I’m grateful for the way things played out.

The fear, anger, and hopelessness I felt that day has morphed into a burning fire in the pit of my stomach. It’s my ‘why’.

To say I became obsessed with testosterone would be an understatement. I completely nerded out. I spent every ounce of free time I had reading and learning: Digital products, PubMed, articles, courses, blogs, books, etc. You name it.

I focused my efforts on 8 core tactics.

I did this for a full six months before testing again. When I got my results back, I was shocked by how well it paid off. My serum testosterone jumped to a respectable 923ng/dl! 🤗

Here’s what I’ve concluded:

My increase in testosterone was not the result of some “exciting” new biohacking technique. Please don’t waste your time (and money) on gimmicky bullshit.

Instead, you should spend your time focused on the 20% of the things that science suggests gets 80% of the results (See Below).

High Testosterone Makes My Wife Happy

As a result, I finally feel normal again. I want to show you the steps - so you can too. The first step is to take action.

If you’re serious about higher testosterone, then this is your opportunity. It takes 5 seconds to get access to the exclusive tips only available to the AndrogenHacker community.

My Mission

#1 Advance awareness of low T and the fact that there is a legitimate alternative to TRT.

#2 Make it as simple as possible for beginners to get real results safely & quickly.

#3 Simplify complicated research into ACTIONABLE real-life tactics that deliver results.

There’s a lot of information here. So where do you start?

If your brand new to the world of testosterone, I recommend starting with the basics:

Androgen Hacking 101


Kind regards,
David, RN, CCRN

P.S. Welcome to the testosterone rabbit hole. 🕳️🐇