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AndrogenHacker is a resource run by me, David Becker, that teaches men how to increase their testosterone levels using principles from biohacking, auto-analytics, and science.

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From 412ng/dl To 923ng/dl In 6 Months - 100% Naturally

I am a father, husband, and a CCRN in critical care. Working as a trauma ICU RN, I recognize the value of conventional medicine. And yes -

This includes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

That being said…

We tend to jump at the quick fix answer without considering diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

This is a huge problem. Why?

  1. There are many legitimate (often powerful) alternative ways to increase T.
  2. Once on TRT, always on TRT - It is litterally a lifetime sentence. Think about the guys who start in their 20s and 30s…
  3. The average cost of TRT is several hundred dollars per month.

I know it sounds like I am bad mouthing TRT, but that is not my intention. If fact, I think it is a best option for many situations. The symptoms of low T can be debilitating and I get that.

My goal here is to give you the knowledge to make an educated decision.

About David

I’d like to take a quick minute to tell you about me and why I built this website.

Here’s a picture of my wife and I:

androgen hacker wife

You see, my story is probably similar to most guys. Early in life, I never had to think twice about my testosterone levels. Then I got married, had a couple of kids, started working in probably one of the most stressful environments possible - trauma ICU. Oh yeah, I also turned 30.

The stress of life hit.

I started:

  • Feeling tired (all the time).
  • Became less interested in sex.
  • Lost all motivation in things I used to love.
  • Gained weight.

I don’t have many pictures of myself during this period becuase I was embarrassed and hid from the camera. I did find this one:

Overweight and Low Testosterone

I was never a blimp, but my health was definitely subpar.

I finally decided to try and figure out what was going on. A quick google search of my symptoms and the next thing I know I’m reading about testosterone.

Low T? Me?

At first, I refused to believe it. I was in denial. I shut off my computer and blocked that idea out of my head.

“Not possible”, I thought.

After several months of continuing to feel like garbage, I finally gave in and got my levels tested.

My results?

At 30 years old I had the testosterone level of 412ng/dl - The same as a 59 year old man…

I talked with my doctor and asked him about testosterone replacement therapy. You know what he said?

“Absolutely not”.


Well, apparently 412ng/dl is perfectly ‘normal’ since it falls within the massively wide range for a ‘normal’ testosterone level.

Anyway, He ended up recommending I get on anti-depressants instead.

I respectfully declined and did a little research of my own.

Soon enough, I stumbled upon an article reviewing alternative ways to increase testosterone levels. I soon discovered the biohacking community and I was hooked.

I focused on the basics and have had some amazing results. 6 months later, I went and got tested again. My total testosterone level had jumped to 923ng/dl!

That’s when it hit me. Every man NEEDS to know about these techniques.

I finally feel normal again and I want to teach you exactly what I did to get here.

Feel free to take a look around the site or send me a message if you have any specific questions.


Oh yeah, Welcome to Androgenhacker.

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