American Ginseng & Testosterone

Ginseng is amongst the most widely-used herbs in the world. ​It seems to be effective at boosting mood, improving immunity, and increasing cognition. But does it interact with testosterone? Here’s what the research has to say:

  • 60 infertile men were randomly assigned to receive either 3g of ginseng or placebo for 12 weeks. ​The subjects supplementing with ginseng were found to have improved markers of penile performance, but testosterone levels remained the same across both groups (22).
  • In men with poor sperm mobility, ginseng supplementation was able to increase testosterone levels (23).

Although ginsengs interaction with testosterone is unreliable, it is a proven nitric oxide booster. This means that it has been shown to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow.


David Becker, RN, CCRN
David Becker, RN, CCRN Mr. Becker is a father, husband, and CCRN in Trauma ICU. You can read his inspiring comeback story From 412ng/dl To 923ng/dl In 6 Months - Without TRT. Feel free to send David a message here.