The 10 Best Testosterone Websites On The Planet (2020)

The 10 Best Testosterone Websites On The Planet (2020)

There are probably a million ‘testosterone’ websites out there…

…and EASILY a million more that pump out testosterone articles on the regular.

With so many choices out there, how do you know which ones are best?

Well, today you’re in for a treat.


Because in this article, I’ve put together a list of the crème de la crème of testosterone websites.

Before we start it’s important you understand a few things about this list of awesome testosterone sites.

  1. The list only contains websites that focus the large majority of their content on testosterone specifically. There are lots of other great sites with amazing T related content (e.g. t-nation,, but they aren’t included here.

  2. These websites are not ranked in any particular order. I did this on purpose. Even though they are all niched down to testosterone, they still all manage to specialize in very unique ways. You’ll soon see what I mean.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s jump right in.

1. Peak Testosterone

Peaktestosterone Homepage

Owned By: Curtis Moyer (Lee Myer) - RIP

Active Since: 2006


I’m starting this list off right. Peak Testosterone is the grand daddy of testosterone sites. No, seriously. It’s been around FOREVER. Well, that is, forever in terms of the internet.

The website’s design is a good reflection of it’s age. Sometimes when I’m reading it, I forget which decade I’m in.

Okay, lame dad jokes aside,

I’m totally okay with an old school design. That’s because the content in bombdiggity. Content is a combination of both natural optimization, as well as HRT.

Sadly, Lee Myer is no longer with us.

He died tragically in a car accident in early 2018. He was something of an icon in the men’s health industry. He was the original testosterone superhero. I only hope that I can one day be as respected as he was.

That being said, take advantage of the amazing information found on his website while you still can.

The website is set to expire in early 2020. Perhaps not though. His wife may have access to the account information or something. Who knows. Either way, let’s hope that the website stays up so we can keep this gold mine of information around.

RIP Brother. We miss you.

Tools or Unique Features:

Peaktestosterone Forum Page

Without a doubt the Peak Testosterone forum get’s my vote on this one. Having been around since the dark ages, it currently has almost 140,000 posts. Even though we are now in the days of Facebook and Twitter, this forum is still fairly active. I highly recommend that you join or at minimum become a lurker.

Favorite Article: How To Lower Hemoglobin Levels

Even though this article is a TRT article, Lee goes on to discuss a massive list of natural strategies that you can use to bring your hemoglobin levels down.

That was one of Lee’s best qualities.

He knew how to skate that fine line between TRT and the natural approach.

2. Anabolic Men

Anabolicmen Homepage

Owned By: Ali Kuoppala

Active Since: 2013


Anabolic Men was one of the first websites I came across when I first started typing ‘natural testosterone’ questions into Google.

Anyone who’s ever searched:

“How to increase testosterone levels naturally”.

more than once, has probably had a similar experience.

The site has over 200 articles on testosterone and men’s health. It’s easy to lose track of time while browsing on Anabolic Men. There have been times that I’ve started reading and then looked up at the clock only to realize you’ve just spend several hours on this one single website.

I’ve done it more than once and I’m okay with that.

Trust me.

It’s time well spent.

Tools or Unique Features:

Ali has an entire course on testosterone as well as a few others.

I’ve never taken the course so I cant speak for it myself, but the reviews are all positive. If the course is anything like with the rest of the stuff on his website, I’m sure it’s amazing.

Favorite Article:

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

I know. Cliché.

Trust me though, this is hands down the best ‘increase testosterone naturally’ article on the internet. Coming in at over 14,000 words, It’s more like a book than it is an article.

3. Testosterone Resource

Testosteroneresource Homepage

Owned By: Rob Wright

Active Since: 2015


Testosterone Resource has been reliably pumping out some of the best articles ever written on testosterone since it’s conception. They have a great mix of content for everyone across the testosterone community spectrum.

I’ve read articles on their website covering a huge range of topics:

  • ‘T booster’ reviews
  • Testosterone news
  • Steroids
  • TRT
  • Testosterone’s relationship to religion (Say whaaat?)

I’m telling you, Rob has it all on his site.

The article’s themselves are quality.

Every article has a “I am busy - summarize it for me” section for the TL;DR crowd. I typically will read everything Rob has to say in his blog posts, but I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely taken advantage of this nice little feature in the past.

Everything is unbiased and heavily referenced, as it should be.

Rob has a great personality and it comes through in his writing. It makes content super easy, enjoyable and often hilarious to read. Writing non-boring yet scientifically accurate content in this industry is no easy feat.

Kudos to you brother.

Testosterone Resource truly is a resource for all things testosterone.

Tools or Unique Features:

The website has a massive testosterone booster reviews section that follows the ‘gold standard’ when it come’s to legitimacy.

All too often, testosterone boosters are nothing more than clever marketing. Testosterone Resource does a great job of cutting through the bull and breaking down the science of each T booster that they review.

They break down each product by:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Trust
  • Testimonials
  • Reputation of company making it

They give you this awesome graphic for every product analyzed:

T Booster Review Graphic

Favorite Article: Testosterone And Penis Size

What man doesn’t want to know how his testosterone levels affect the size of his junk?

4. Nebido®

Nebido® has two home pages.

One for patients:

Nebido® Patients Homepage

One for professionals:

Nebido® Professionals Homepage

Owned By: Bayer

Active Since: 2002


Bayer is the pharmaceutical company that most people recognize as the makers of aspirin. As it turns out, they do lots of other things as well.

Most important to us:

They produce a testosterone undecanoate product. It’s branded as Nebido®.

This is how they describe their product:

“Nebido® is the only long-acting testosterone undecanoate injection providing physiological testosterone levels with only 4-5 injections per year.”

When you go to their home page, the first thing you’re instructed to do is ‘proceed to public site’ or ‘proceed to healthcare professional site’.

Both portals have what would be considered a ‘blog post’ section on other websites. They call this section ‘research news’. This research news section is what makes Nebido so great.

Since 2010, every single testosterone study that had been published has been reviewed on Nebido.

These reviews come equipped with:

  • Key points
  • What was known before the study on the given topic
  • What this study shows
  • Related links

Talk about a knowledge base!

In addition, they also have some more general articles on testosterone.

These include things like:

  • Defining hypogonadism
  • Causes
  • Risk factors
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment options

Tools or Unique Features: Publications Portal

“The purpose of the Nebido® Publications Portal (NPP) is to present testosterone related research, in an easily searchable and navigable interface, to health professionals who search for scientific information on hypogonadism, testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone related health issues.”

A sortable, filterable, searchable database of testosterone studies?

Are you kidding me?

Um, yes please.

Favorite Article: Aging Male Symptoms (AMS) Questionnaire

I’m not sure if this falls under the categories of ‘favorite article’ or of ‘tools and features’, but I’m going to go with it.

For those who don’t know, the AMS questionnaire is a 17 question quiz that can be given to a man to quantify signs and symptoms of low T. It’s not a diagnosis of low testosterone. It’s just an efficient and standardized way for doctors to assess their patients.

The link above leads to an E-version of the quiz. Anyone has the ability to take the quiz. Once complete, you’re given the option to print off your results.

5. Triple Your T

Tripleyourt Homepage

Owned By: Mo Saleem

Active Since: 2016


Mo doesn’t have too many articles on his website. Actually he doesn’t have articles at all.

What does he have?

He has definitive guides.

All of his content dive’s deep into the subject matter. You will not find halfheartedly written information on his site. Everything he writes is heavily cited and referenced. You can tell that Mo has a very scientific mindset and it shows in his writing. Content of this nature is much appreciated.

Mo has a similar story as me.

His testosterone levels were never terrible, but they were lower than he wanted. He started reading and ended up teaching himself how to increase his testosterone - without TRT. He became a human guinea pig and had some amazing results with it.

Triple Your T has a 100% natural philosophy.

This is one area that Mo and I have a slight disagreement. I believe there is a percentage of the male population who can not get their T levels up naturally no matter what they do.

The problem is that most men jump into TRT without actually giving the natural methods a fair shake. They try, but it is often the case that one or more of the following occurs:

  1. They’re simply do the wrong things (thinking it is right).
  2. They give up to quickly.
  3. They are inconsistent.

We will talk more on this in the next section.

Let me be clear:

Mo and I are living proof that the natural stuff can work. I’m not trying to discredit anything that he is doing on Triple Your T.

On the contrary:

His website is a goldmine. I just want you to be aware of where he is coming from in his content.

That being said,

If you’re a purest natty, then this website is your new best friend. The man knows what he is talking about.

Tools or Unique Features:

Mo has a youtube channel which I highly recommend that you subscribe to. You wont find anyone else on the internet with more quality ‘increase testosterone naturally’ video content.

Favorite Article: The Testosterone Nutrition Guide

Speaking of natural methods that most people get wrong, diet is probably one of the most common culprits.

I hear it all the time:

“How come I’m not seeing any improvement on my low fat/high protein diet? I’m doing everything right!”

I don’t care if you are ‘natty’ or on TRT. This is one you need to read.

6. Androgen Hacker

Androgenhacker Homepage

Owned By: Yours truly

Active Since: 2019


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is David Becker and I’m the owner of Androgen Hacker. I have a ‘real job’ as an RN and have my CCRN credential as well. I work in a Neuro/Trauma/Surgical intensive care unit, so I’m involved in a lot of high intensity situations (gun violence, major car wrecks, assaults, code blue’s, etc.).

I won’t go into too much detail about myself. You can read more about me and check out a few pictures of my family and I here. The long and short of it is that at 30 years old my T levels were sub optimal. They were never terrible at (412 ng/dl), but definitely not optimal. After getting blood work, I wasn’t happy with my number. More importantly, I also had signs and symptoms of low T.

I became obsessed with testosterone and getting my numbers up.

I’ve spent countless hundreds of hours digging into PubMed and reading every grueling detail of every testosterone study I could get my hands on. I also own and have read over a dozen books on the subject. Not only do I read, but I DO the things I learn. I’m proud to say that my total testosterone levels are now at just over 900 ng/dl (without TRT).

As far as Androgen Hacker goes, I started the website initially as a place to document my progress and as a database for testosterone studies. I quickly realized that their are millions of men all over the world who could benefit from the information I now had. I changed up my style a bit and Androgen Hacker as you know it today was born.

Here’s My Core Philosophy:


I’ve always been very open about the fact that AndrogenHacker makes money by promoting certain products and services. I have very strict rules about the companies I work with.

I don’t promote anything unless:

  1. I currently use or have used in the past.
  2. I believe it has contributed to my own success and feel it would benefit you.

I’m certain that this approach is leaving money on the table, but anything else would be unethical.

This website is only a success if you are able to optimize your testosterone levels. This is what drives me.


My goal for every piece of content is for it to be higher quality, more accurate, and more enjoyable to read than anything available online for the topic at hand. In order to achieve this, articles literally take me weeks to write sometimes, but that’s okay. This website definitely isn’t a content farm.

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive based on user feedback and quality indicators provided to me by Google.

Natural vs. TRT

I’ve touched on this some throughout this article already. My stance is that most men do have the ability to increase their testosterone levels to an appropriate level naturally. This sort of undertaking will usually require a complete lifestyle overhaul. Unfortunately, most men are not willing to put in the work to get the kind of results that are possible.

That leaves us with an ethical question:

Is it appropriate that we let these men suffer from their devastating symptoms of low T?

Absolutely not.

My personal thoughts are that even though these men are unmotivated, they shouldn’t have to suffer. TRT is the best option in these cases (assuming a doctor agrees).

In addition, here is a list of the types of men who may not be able to achieve normal testosterone levels naturally:

  • Guys who have used anabolic steroids in the past
  • Guys who have been on poorly managed TRT protocols
  • Guys who have something else going on medically (i.e. brain tumor, varicocele, thyroid issues etc.)
  • There is probably a small percentage of men who have legitimately ‘done everything’ yet still have low T.

Tools or Unique Features:

  • Calculators

Calculate your ‘free testosterone’ based on other lab values.

A simple testosterone (and other hormones) unit converter.

Favorite Article: The Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Levels

I put a lot of time and effort into this one. There are some awesome charts and graphs showing how different kinds of testosterone levels change as we age. It’s all based on research and scientific literature.

I highly recommend you give it a read.

You wont be disappointed.

7. TCT Med

Tctmed Homepage

Owned By: Testosterone Centers of Texas

Active Since: 2013


TCT Med is a website built as an online ‘home base’ for the TRT a treatment center located in Texas. The center is called Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT). It has everything you would want out of a full stack testosterone site:

  • Blog
  • Education
  • Resources
  • Low T quizzes
  • Testosterone videos

They come out with new posts once or twice a week on their ‘TRT Blog’. Articles are clear and professionally written. They cover some interesting topics.

Examples include:

  • Gynecomastia and TRT
  • TRT for females
  • Estrogen levels in men
  • HCG, TRT, and fertility
  • Exercise and testosterone

The best thing about the website is their comprehensive TRT guides - See the ‘favorite article’ section below.

Tools or Unique Features:

TCT Med offers legitimate, doctor prescribed, online TRT services. The only downside is that it’s for Texans only.

Check it out.

Here’s how they describe their services:

Our telemedicine approach gives you access to quality Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the comfort of your own home via video on your preferred device.

Favorite Article: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About TRT

This article was an easy choice.


Let’s just say the articles title is VERY accurate. Coming in at over 20,000 words, this guide is a monster. If you or someone you know is considering getting on TRT, you need to read this (ehm… Book) first.

8. Men’s Hormonal Health

Menshormonalhealth Homepage

Owned By: Unknown

Active Since: 2007


What I like about Men’s Hormonal Health is the simplicity. The website has a super simple layout that does one thing and it does that one thing well.

It gives visitors a fundamental understanding of the world of testosterone… without any BS.

They walk readers though the basics:

  • Low, average, and high testosterone levels
  • Symptoms of Low T
  • Causes of Low T
  • Treatment options

Articles are simple, but thorough.

They also have articles on prostate related information that is covered in a similar manner.

I wish I had more to say about this website, but it really just that simple. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, especially if your new to testosterone and/or just trying to understand the fundamentals.

Favorite Article: What Does High T Do To A Man

You don’t see many articles on an elevated testosterone level and that’s what stood out to me on this one. They walk through the risks (and benefits) of T levels when they are elevated.

9. Excel Male

Excelmale Homepage

Owned By: Nelson Vergel

Active Since: 2013


I’m super excited to tell you about this one. I know this list of ‘best testosterone sites’ isn’t ranked, but if it was, Excel Male would definitely be somewhere in the top 3.

Anyone who’s been involved with the testosterone community for any amount of time will recognize the name Nelson Vergel.

Nelson is an author, speaker, and testosterone health expert.

He has been in the game now for over 35 years.

He is very open about having been diagnosed with HIV over 30 years ago. Instead of succumbing to the illness, he has done the complete opposite.

Just take a look at him:

Nelson Vergel

#OptimizedAF #LifeGoals

Sorry… I had to nerd out there for a second.

The point is:

Nelson Vergel is an impressive individual. He isn’t exactly what you think of when you think about someone with HIV.

He has accomplished so much in his career and his website Excel Male is a reflection of that.

Hats off to you Mr. Vergel.

Tools or Unique Features:

Excelmale Forum Page

The Excel Male Forum takes the cake here. Excel Male refers to it’s forum as ‘The Best Testosterone Forum’ and I definitely agree.

Peak Testosterone used to have this title on lock down, but not since Nelson and his team entered the scene.

Favorite Article: SubQ Injections Are As Effective As IM Injections For TRT

I remember when I first saw this blog post.

When I first read the title, I called BS. Then I actually read the article. Furthermore, I read the research.

It turns out that SubQ testosterone injections are legit.

This article is great for anyone who is currently on TRT looking to optimize their protocol.

10. TOT Revolution

Totrevolution Homepage

Owned By: Jay Campbell

Active Since: 2017


Last on the list of best testosterone websites, but certainly not least.

The websites founder, Jay Campbell is the man when it comes to TRT. I would group him in with some of the other testosterone ‘big timers’ or ‘gurus’ (Lee Myer, Nelson Vergel, etc.).

In order to really appreciate Jay’s story, you have to hear him tell it, but the long and the short of it is:

  1. He got “kicked in the nuts” at a young age.
  2. He ended up on TRT because of it.
  3. He then became obsessed with testosterone and then wrote some killer books about it.

Jay is a very connected man in the testosterone community. As such, he tends to have a lot of interviews and collaborative type content. He has done interviews with top tier TRT doctors to scientists from around the world.

His content is a nice change from your standard run of the mill ‘how to increase testosterone’ articles.

Most of his content these days comes in the form of podcasts. His podcasts provide top notch men’s health and hormone optimization information.

Tools or Unique Features:

Jay gives his books away…

..for free.

All you have to do is ask.

Favorite Article: HCG: Everything You Need To Know

What’s neat about this article is that it’s a simple Q and A.

He looked on the testosterone Sub-Reddit, got a bunch of commonly asked questions about HCG and then he answers them.

Professional answers to commonly asked HCG questions. Nice.

I Want To Hear From You

If you could ask these website founders anything, what would you ask?

Are there any websites that I didn’t mention that you think should be on the list?

Or the opposite:

Any sites on this list that should not be?

Let me know in the comments below.

David, RN, CCRN

Mr. Becker is a father, husband, and CCRN in Trauma ICU. You can read his inspiring comeback story From 412ng/dl To 923ng/dl In 6 Months - Without TRT. Feel free to send David a message here.
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